What is it ?

The Graphics Transformation Languages is a set of library for using and integrating transformation algorithms (such as filter or color conversion) in graphics applications.

The goal is to provide the tools, languages and libraries to create generic transformation for graphics. Those transformations could then be used by different programs (Krita, GIMP, CinePaint, GEGL…).

Two Languages

Currently the focus is on developing two languages, designed for two different implementations.

  • OpenCTL which is a GPL compatible of the Color Transformation Language, this language is dedicated at transforming the value of a single pixel (for instance Brightness adjustement or desaturate). CTL is designed to be part of the Color Management process.
  • OpenShiva is inspired by Adobe’s PixelBender language (previously called Hydra) from the AIF Toolkit, Shiva is a language that apply a kernel-like transformations on an image, that means it works using more than one pixel.