Mercedes-Benz History of Innovation

Since innovating their car in 1886, Mercedes Benz has never ceased reinventing the car.

Mercedes Benz has always set the pace and has always been an example to other car innovating companies on how their vehicles should look like.

You may not have heard it yet, but 1886 was a special year of innovation in the world of cars. It was the year, the inventor of Mercedes Benz, Carl Benz got an award after inventing the first self-propelled car. Since, innovating the car in 1886, this car has always been second to none in car design and automotive engineering.

Mercedes Benz journey started after Carl Benz, invented the Motorwagon which was the first petrol-powered car with a single cylinder engine. To prove that the design of this Motorwagen was on a different class, the wife of Carl Benz decided to go on a road trip without her husband’s knowledge. While on the trip, Bertha convinced some people who admired the car and told them that she was the one who invented it. Some people believed her.

Gottlieb Daimler, then decided to work with Carl Benz so that he could help him convert his idea. He then advised Benz to market the car in 1901. They worked together in marketing the car and later decided to merge in 1926 and come up with Mercedes Benz.

The merging of Benz and Gottlieb to come up with Mercedes Benz was a major invention that helped other automotive companies in different ways. Their invention technology was used in different other cars that copied. For instance, one invention that other companies copied from Mercedes Benz is the four-wheel independent suspension that was used in Mercedes 170. This is the feature that makes it possible not to feel bumps and dips on the road.

It was Mercedes Benz 170 that saw the introduction of hydraulic braking system for the first time. Hydraulic braking system is these days used as a safety measure in many cars. Thanks to Mercedes Benz.

After the invention of Hydraulic braking system, Mercedes Benz then came up with the first ever diesel passenger car. This was Mercedes Benz 260D. This car used less fuel compared to gasoline powered models.

In 1930s, Mercedes Benz came up with several other inventions that are being used in almost all cars. Some of these inventions included, a collapsible steering system, side impact protection and many more safety related features.

Some other inventions by Mercedes Benz that are being used in many cars these days include great door locks, conical door lock and crumple zones technology.

Mercedes Benz’s Antilock Braking system invention was later used in many engineering breakthroughs. These breakthroughs later led to different other innovations such as 1985’s invention of All Wheel Drive, 1991’s free climate control, Electronic stability program in 1991, 1997’s Smartkey Anti-theft security and ingenious Attention assist which is a technology that helps in detecting drowsiness in the person driving.

Vehicles by Mercedes Benz have always been on top of other models in-terms of quality. Their vehicles have always represented stardom, success and glory in different aspects. It is a company which has always been consistent in innovation of quality cars that are always second to none.

In automotive engineering, Mercedes Benz leads and the rest follow. It is a company that has always insisted on safety in their vehicles. It is a company that comprehends the importance of safety of passengers and drivers of their vehicles. That’s probably the reason why they have been on top.

The insistence on safety when manufacturing their vehicles has earned Mercedes Benz top scores in decades. The company has been using top technology for many years to come up with safe vehicles that keep their drivers and passengers out of harm.

The earmarks of history in automotive engineering have been the different innovations and improvements by Mercedes Benz. These innovations have helped Mercedes Benz to continue manufacturing top cars that are safe to drive and on a class of their own.

What makes Mercedes Benz a top manufacturer in automotive engineering industry?

  • Insistence on safety
  • Great design in construction of cars
  • Use of environmental friendly technology in innovation
  • Use of innovative materials and different components in automotive engineering.

Almost every Mercedes Benz vehicle is made for individuals who consider luxury, safety and beauty before buying a car. Mercedes Benz vehicles come with everything you expect in a vehicle. Their vehicles come with extra features meant to protect passengers and drivers which make them the best vehicles especially if you are this kind of a person who prefers vehicles with a better safety package.

Today’s world’s favorite car is a legacy by Carl Benz. Automotive engineering world was changed by the invention of Mercedes Benz by the merger of Gottlieb and Carl Benz.

One thing to know about Mercedes Benz, is that there must always be 1 person to criticize the work done by every 11 people the company hires. This is the reason why every car released to the market by Mercedes Benz offers the best safety measures that ensure passengers and drivers of the car stay safe.

Their cars must always go through multiple inspections before being released to the market.

Here are quick facts about Mercedes Benz vehicles

  • The bodies of Mercedes Benz cars are done in 10,000 different places.
  • Cars must always pass through multiple inspection points before being released to the market
  • Their seats must always be designed with the help of physicians to support different parts of the body
  • There is always an intense painting job that every Mercedes Benz car must always go through before being released.
  • Mercedes Benz cars are made with Crumple Zone Technology to lessen fatalities in-case of accidents.
  • There is always an inbuilt shock-absorber in the steering wheel of every Mercedes Benz car.

Mercedes Benz will still remain the car to beat in future as they continue with their invention history. They produce some of the safest cars in the market.