This is exactly where the vision of Google tech-challenge has destined the entire human race. The imagination so grand that no one super human can easily fathom how long it has taken Google to come up with such a sophisticated software mechanism for robotics.

The smart car Toyota Priuses is one of Google’s robotic fleet cars which was tested and confirmed as safe for at leased 190,000 miles since its inception. With no manual support, no human control, no break and accelerator pedal no direct reliance to steering wheel, the development of these electric motor cars is the biggest mind boggling mystery that happened in California Mountain View areas in the USA.

The very first incarnation of driverless car was seen spinning around a parking lot. It had two seats and a space well enough to accommodate some luggage. Liz and Kara were among the first few courageous test riders “it felt like riding in the wildest park of imaginations”, was the exclamation.

Though the idea to self-driven robotic fleet was initially contemplated or rather practically researched by many renowned scholars in scientific studies, It is believed that these moves were well calculated and confidentially kept in secret within Google following success in GPS mapping and the eventual introduction Google maps.


The composition of Google electric self-driving car was done from scratch singlehandedly by Google. The stages of manufacturing the car starts by interconnecting the frame and the sensors. The cabin is then positioned in such a way that the active sensors are not interfered with, this is to avoid creation of blind spots after which the shell of the body is well placed. Currently a renowned company called Waymo is topping the list of manufacturers whose mission is to transform the face of future transportation by use of technology.

Read the following apparatus just to better your understanding in what the driving force behind the engine is;

The Camera on the roof.

This is positioned at the roof top and has a range finder with a laser attached to it. By use of the 3D enabled camera and 64 different laser beams objects can intelligently be captured and coalition accurately avoided. Within arrange of about 200m all images within range can be created based on time taken and speed limit hence mitigate any possible hazard static or in motion.

The Camera at the windshield.

This is placed right at the windshield. Its main function is to capture the objects right in front including other on coming motorists, pedestrians above all the camera can accurately record and interpreted intelligently the traffic light.

The four mounted radars.

This enables the car to detect any car on coming and the one behind it. The radars are well positioned at the front and rear bumpers of the car. They also assist in detecting and avoiding sharp braked and effect of sharp bumps on the road.

Aerial placed on the back.

This is basically the receiver and it also sends digital mapping details about the location of the self-driving car by use of GPS locators.

Ultrasonic sensor

Any obstacles at the rear side of the car can be detected by this sensor and alert the car. This ultrasonic sensor technology is currently in use in a variety of new model cars today. The sensor also aid in automated reverse parking.

Inside the car:

The position of the car is determined by the gargets such as the tachymeters, the gyroscopes and altimeters. These are installed inside the car for the purposes of consolidation of highly sensitive data for the safe operation of the car.

The central processing unit (CPU)

Data consolidated from all other parts of the self-driven car is collected at this zone CPU and eventually interpreted intelligently for the purpose of the cars operation.

The design of the car is done in such a way that all the driving work is done safely with no external manipulation. It is expected to respect every traffic law on major highways and precisely keep up to all locomotive standards of safety.

In the near future, the technology will be designed in such a way that at the touch of a button on your mobile devices, the Self-driving cars will pick you at the comfort of your home and drop you at the destination of your choice.