Smartphones of the future How they will look like

If you look back two decades in terms of phones, you are going back to an error when phones like Nokia 8110 ruled the world of phones. Look at 2017 and compare the phones we have today and the ones we had 20 years ago.

We expect smartphones of the future to be more advanced than what we have today. As you read this article about smartphones of the future, there is probably a group of engineers, developers and designers somewhere working on the next big thing in smartphone technology. We have witnessed the transformation of smartphones from being simple emailing and messaging devices to high speed video streaming devices. What are some of the amazing things smartphones of the future will be able to do?

There is no clear prediction method that can reveal the exact feature of smartphones of the future. However, by looking at today’s smartphone technology and considering what experts and some academic giants do, it can be easy to tell the kind of smartphones we are yet to see. We want to know how these smartphones will look like as they become more powerful, faster and smaller. The user interface of smartphones we’ll be interacting with in the future is also likely to be different from what we have today.

In the race to innovate new concepts, engineers in the smartphone world are constantly outdoing each other.


The rectangular smartphones we have today are likely to be substituted by more flexible smartphones of the future.

Prepare to interact with curved screens and adjustable ones. Smartphones of tomorrow are expected to be adjustable in such a way that users will be able to wear them as a watch on their wrists.

They will be high tech devices and engineers innovating them are working round the clock to have fashionable and jewelry-like smartphones.

Say bye to Touch screens

In smartphones of the future, users should expect advanced technology. A technology that incorporates intuitive and ergonomic interface. This technology will not be new to some people. Some devices already have these features. Some high-end devices have the technology of using the camera to remotely locate movement of the user’s finger over the screen.

As different users around the world eagerly wait to see what smartphones of the future will look like, we expect smartphones of the future to have an integrated camera for detecting movement of user’s fingers over the screen. This will be a standard feature across all smartphones.

Here comes Li-Fi

We expect the use of Wi-Fi in communicating to be replaced by Li-Fi. Just the way Wi-Fi replaced use of cables to be connected to the internet, we expect the same thing to happen to Wi-Fi.

Li-Fi is a technology that has been tested several times and found to work just perfectly. Different institutions such as innovation centers, start-ups and research centers have already tested Li-Fi in communication.

Li-Fi uses LED as a medium of communication. This technology comes with environmental friendly communication medium. Unlike Wi-Fi which uses electromagnetic waves, Li-Fi only uses LED technology. We expect smartphones of the future to rely on Li-Fi as a form of communication.

Biometric technology

Many smartphones come with this technology these days. However, we expect biometric technology to advance in smartphones of the future.

We also expect biometric technology to be a standard feature in all smartphones that are yet to be unveiled in the future.

Built-in projectors

We expect smartphones of the future to come with in-built projector. This technology has already been used and tested in some tablets. We expect it to be a standard feature in smartphones of the future.

This is a very useful function that many smartphone users are expecting manufacturers of future smartphones to include.

With in-built projectors in smartphones of the future, we expect them to be used as gaming consoles without using TV screens.

Holograms and 3d Screens

A number of smartphones are expected to shift from 2D to 3D as we expect to see more advanced smartphones in the future. Even though we have a number of phones in the market using 3D technology these days, we expect smartphones that will be manufactured in the future to have holographic type of projection. This means that smartphones of the future will combine its projector feature and 3D feature.

AR or Augmented Reality feature

This is a feature that will make smartphones of the future users to use their phone camera to find the nearest places such as car parks, cafes and hotels.

This feature will work well with smartphones since they are portable devices that can be used in finding nearest places or whatever you are searching.

GPS technology that enables AR feature to work in smartphones is also expected to develop and advance in smartphones that we’ll be using in the future.

We expect more developed Apps and features in smartphones of the years to come.

Prolonger Battery Life

Many smartphone users normally consider the battery life of a smartphone before buying. This is something developers and engineers understand and are working around the clock to achieve.

With future smartphones expected to have more advanced features, there is need to have more advanced batteries to support these Apps and features.

We expect smartphones of the future to have better battery technology that will support different features that such phones will come with.

Folding Displays

We expect smartphones of the future to come with a feature that will enable folding different displays in the phone. We already have smartphones that come with a feature that enables their displays to have curved edges. This feature is expected to develop to an extent where users can fold phone displays.

Smartphones of the future will also come with super-fast speeds. This speed is expected to revolutionize the use of smartphones.

Be ready for a revolution that will see transformation of smartphones from what we have today to smartphones that will be used as projectors and gaming consoles with fastest speeds ever.